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Nau mai, haere mai ki
Kaitautoko Kiwi


Kaitautoko Kiwi, where you have the extraordinary opportunity to become a true Kiwi hero. This ultra-exclusive package, limited to only two per year, is designed with corporate sponsorship in mind, but available to anyone who desires to embark on this ultimate Kiwi adventure. Prepare to be amazed as you witness the growth and development of your sponsored Kiwi over three remarkable years.

Your journey begins with an exhilarating real egg hunt, where you will locate and uplift your very own Kiwi egg. The egg will then be transported to The National Kiwi hatchery for incubation, hatching, and rearing. As your Kiwi chick emerges into the world, you will have the distinct honor of giving it a name, marking the beginning of your personal connection with this magnificent taonga (treasure).

Once your Kiwi chick reaches a weight of 1,000 grams, you will be invited to participate in a grand release ceremony back into the Ōmataroa forest lands. This momentous event will include a sacred karakia (blessing) and the revealing of a name plaque dedicated to your Kiwi at our Puhikōkō reserve off-grid eco-centre. A transmitter will be attached to your Kiwi, enabling its monitoring and future health checks. To celebrate this joyous occasion, a hākari (celebration feast) will be shared in honor of your Kiwi's successful reintroduction to its natural habitat.

Throughout the duration of your sponsorship, you will have the opportunity to return annually and actively participate in the health checks of your Kiwi. These checks involve weighing, measuring, visual examinations, and general observations of its well-being. Witness firsthand the progress and growth of your Kiwi as you engage in these meaningful interactions.

In addition to these incredible experiences, your sponsorship package includes a range of perks. You will receive an official pedigree certificate detailing your Kiwi's whakapapa (genealogy). Your Kiwi will be regularly monitored, and we will keep you informed about its progress. We will manage pest control to ensure the safety and preservation of your sponsored Kiwi's habitat. Furthermore, your team or group of up to 8 people can participate in any of these experiences as a unique team-building exercise. Throughout your visits, food and beverages will be provided, allowing you to indulge in the moment while connecting with nature and your sponsored Kiwi.

We will proudly promote your sponsorship on our media platforms and marketing channels, acknowledging your valuable contribution to Kiwi conservation.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to become a Kiwi champion. Join Kaitautoko Kiwi and make a lasting impact on the preservation of Aotearoa New Zealand's iconic birds!

If you are unable to attend your Kiwi’s egg lift, release or health check we will supply video and/or photo footage and document a report for you.

Year 1 - $3000.00
Year 2 - $1000.00
Year 3 - $1000.00

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