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Kiwi mission a success in the Eastern Bay of Plenty!

Updated: May 22, 2023

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Save the Kiwi and Ōmataroa Rangitāiki No.2 Charitable Trust, we are proud of our recent reconnaissance mission that led to more Kiwi being added to our monitoring programme. Specialist Diane Prince and her Kiwi finding trained dog Neo teamed up with Omataroa Kaitiaki Limited over three days to search and locate Kiwi. They found six in total and tagged two females and three males. Diane said "I had a great time this week, it makes such a difference to find birds instead of searching all day for no outcome". Kiwi Kaitiaki (Guardian) Ian Tarei is looking forward to the potential of more chicks being added to our monitoring programme "great result, the males will be nesting soon". The programme monitors the health and wellbeing of Kiwi in our Ōmataroa forest, with the aim of having a thriving population.

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